Problem Solving and Decision Making

Intensified competition, economic problems, organizational changes, and added responsibilities are all part of today’s business realities. These are why your managers and supervisors need the right problem solving and decision making skills to make them better leaders who deliver results.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s Problem Solving and Decision Making program, you and your colleagues will be able […]

Managing Employee Performance

Excellent performance from their people is the dream of every supervisor and manager. We would love to have employees who are highly committed and really deliver results. That is why we set goals and standards, motivate our team, and do everything within our power to help hit the mark.

And yet, not all of our […]

Managing for Results

In an increasingly competitive business environment, the times now require managers who go beyond supervising their people. The real bottom line is results, and effective leaders produce them. They actively push for the attainment of company goals and plot the direction of their team and the organization.

Get the right tools to get the most […]

Advanced People Handling Skills

Having basic leadership skills is a good first step to ensure greater productivity and better handling of people. Still, the different attitudes and needs of several employees can pose a challenge to one’s leadership. It is then ideal for a manager or supervisor to customize his leadership style.

Know how and when to push your […]

Training the Trainers

People are the company’s best weapons to meet objectives during these tough and highly-competitive times. But before they are able to deliver excellently, they need to be trained by effective trainers and managers. Training programs also need to be designed well to deliver results.

After all, training has a critical role in equipping professionals with […]

Powerful Presentation Skills

Effective presentation skills are a critical need in business. To produce results, sales people present their products. Managers report. Researchers interpret data findings and make recommendations. Trainers present to make learning possible. Expertise needs to be communicated and presented effectively.

Good presentations are more than just computer software proficiency. After all, the real show is […]

Personality Development

In this highly-competitive environment, relying on job skills is no longer enough to produce results. To serve customers and colleagues excellently, your people need to stand out. They need a personality that would build rapport and trust. Their appearance and personality should project a good image for the company. After all, a client buys a […]

Leadership Communication

Surely, having leadership or management skills is a good first step to get the job done. Still, it is not the end-all of effective leadership.

In order to inspire people to take responsibility for all their tasks – even the ones they hesitate to perform — leaders need to build credibility with their people and […]

Interpersonal Skills

Job knowledge and skills are critical in getting work started. But in order to ensure success and complete each job, professionals need to communicate with colleagues and clients clearly and effectively. When people fail to make themselves clear, they run great risks of inefficiency, conflict, and opportunity loss.

The ability to relate and communicate well […]

English Fluency

Regardless of industry, the need to communicate fluently and confidently in English has become a must in the workplace. After all, it puts companies in business.

Professionals who are fluent in English have an edge. They project credibility more easily. They produce results more efficiently, as they are able to communicate more clearly with clients […]