Proactive Customer Service

Excellent customer service is not just an embellishment for a company that sells products or services.  It is the most important ingredient to any company’s success – even more important than the product being sold.

In fact, studies show that 70% of customers change providers not because of price or quality issues, but because they did not like how they were handled or treated by the provider.  It also costs the company five to six times more to win new customers than to keep one who is loyal.

Get more loyal customers by developing and improving your service to them.  Personalize your service by developing front liners’ skills and heightening their sensitivity toward customers.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s Proactive Customer Service seminar, you and your people will be able to

  • See each customer contact as an opportunity to deliver impressive service.
  • Transform “business-as-usual” transactions into unique and extraordinary experiences for the customer.
  • Project competence, courtesy, and credibility.
  • Exceed customer expectations through the power of the personal touch.
  • Avoid average, robotic service by using empathy.
  • Ask questions that show the customer your company cares for them.
  • Respond efficiently, courteously, and professionally to the customer’s needs.
  • Customize their approach according to the different types of customers.

Get more repeat customers and grow your business faster. Join Guthrie-Jensen Proactive Customer Service seminar today!

For more information about this seminar, call Guthrie-Jensen today at (+63-2) 816-1610.  You can also email, or visit for information about this program as well as other training courses in the Philippines.

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  • jason paragas

    we would like to have a seminar/workshop/team-building for our company in relation to improving our costumer relations skills/techniques and proper work attitude & values of our employee.

    kindly furnish me a breakdown or a qoutation of how much it would cost us if we were to tap your services regarding our program. we would appreciate it greatly if you could e-mail it to or address it to me at

    thank you very much,

    jason paragas
    human resources & mgmt officer
    CSFirst Bank Inc.
    Bayambang, Pangasinan